Middle School PE Independent Study

Please download the PE Independent Study Form Here 

Link to IUSD's Phyical Education Page: https://iusd.org/about/departments/education-services/academics/athleticspe/physical-education


1. A student is eligible for a maximum of 20 units (two years) of Physical Education per school level via Private Instruction, on a pass/fail basis, under the following conditions:

a. If a middle or high school student is nationally ranked in an individual sport. This eligibility does not include members of a nationally ranked team.

b. If a high school student is a member of a team, in a sport not offered at the school, whose typical schedule is comprised of multiple (minimum three per season) interstate competitions during the school year, and a practice schedule similar to the schedule of a high school sport in season. Upon completion of the paperwork according to stated timelines, up to five units of credit may be awarded for 18 weeks of scheduled activity.

2. Annually a schedule of competitions or performances must be submitted with the application.

3. A copy of each entry list or program for verification of competition or performance must be submitted before credit will be given.

4. The Physical Education Independent Study course must be a regularly scheduled instructional activity meeting at least 300 minutes every week under the ongoing supervision of a qualified instructor.

5. Students must submit a Physical Education Independent Study application each semester/trimester. The deadline is the first week of classes for each semester or trimester.

6. Students enrolling in Physical Education Independent Study may initially be enrolled in a physical education class. The student is to continue to attend and participate in that class until the application forms have been approved and a transfer has been made.

7. If approved, a shortened schedule will result in the parents in charge of supervision. Additional courses to fill up the schedule will not be allowed.

8. Requests for Physical Education Independent Study must be pre-approved by the principal or designee.

9. Appeals of school decisions on acceptance of an Physical Education Independent Study application can be made through the office of the Executive Director of Secondary Education. Appeals should be placed within seven days of the school decision and include supporting documentation. A District Review Panel will consider appeals. The District decision will be final.

10. Students’ grade reporting forms are to be submitted to the school site administrator by the last week of the semester/trimester. Grades will be posted on the transcript using pass/fail (P/F). Students not meeting the deadline date will be assigned a “Fail” grade for that reporting period. A “Fail” grade in Physical Education Independent Study will preclude further approvals for Physical Education Independent Study.