In California, all students have the responsibility to comply with the regulations, pursue the required course of study, and to submit to the authority of teachers. (Education Code 48921) In addition, the Education Code states that teachers must enforce the course of study, the use of authorized textbooks and the prescribed rules and regulations. Also, teachers must hold students to strict account for their conduct. (Section 44805)

We believe that all students, when given proper guidance and reinforcement, can and will behave appropriately. We believe that most behavior results in a positive or negative consequence. It is with this in mind that we have formulated a few basic rules to assist us in providing students with a safe, orderly, and respectful environment.

The Beacon Park School Rules are based on core values of honesty, respectfulness, responsibility, perseverance, compassion, cooperation, courage, civic duty, and safety.  These core values will be taught by utilizing a school-wide approach called Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).  Our staff will teach four school-wide behavioral expectations: ROAR.

A behavioral matrix was created to specifically teach and reinforce expectations in designated areas around campus.  This school-wide commitment to positive behavior support helps in identifying, teaching, and reinforcing the expected behaviors and will allow students to achieve academic, behavioral, and social success.

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a school-wide positive behavior system that is focused on defined behavior expectations and positive reinforcement for all students.

Key Components:

Have clearly defined school-wide expected behaviors

Expected behaviors are explicitly taught in all settings

Students are purposefully reinforced for demonstrating positive school-wide expected behaviors

Consistent consequences for misbehaviors with opportunities for re-teaching

Use of recorded data to make decisions about school-wide practices

Collaborative school and staff involvement


Improve academic culture through increased instructional time

Improve behavioral culture through a decrease in office discipline referrals

Improve the social culture through improved individualized interventions

Additionally, we have developed a process & procedure referral form as a way to gain more understanding into why a student may violate Beacon Park’s Behavioral Expectations and to track data.