6th Grade Electives

Music Year long

Concert Band (0751)

Concert Band is designed for 6th-7th grade band students who have had at least one year of experience on their instrument.  Students work on various genres including symphonic, movie, and popular music. They will develop ensemble playing skills and teamwork along with instrument tuning, sight-reading, music history, and theory in accordance with the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework.  Students may enroll in this class to begin a wind or percussion instrument if they have some experience reading music. The class includes 4 performances. Students may be promoted to Symphonic Band for the next school year based on their end of the year audition results. Students may use their own instrument, rent, or borrow one from the school if available.


Chorus  (0775)

This is  a yearlong, non-auditioned class. Students will perform a wide variety of music styles including pop, show, traditional, classical  and folk. Music theory, sight- reading, proper vocal technique musicianship and music history are taught and assessed throughout the year.This is in accordance with the Californica Visual and Performing Arts Framework. Movement. Drama activities and the opportunity for solos and small ensembles will also be included during the year.  There will be a mandatory evening concert each trimester. Students must be enrolled in this class if they plan to audition for the district middle school honor choir.

String Orchestra (0761)

The String Orchestra is a year-long course comprised of students who have beginning and intermediate experience on a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, or string bass). This orchestra is for the musician who has music experience on the instrument they wish to play in the class. In Concert Orchestra, students will continue to work towards mastering string skills such as tuning, shifting, and learning vibrato. More advanced bowing articulations and rhythmic patterns will be introduced. A wide variety of repertoire and concepts will be learned and performed in accordance with the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework.

Trimester Electives 

Life Skill

Study Skills



Visual Arts (0700)

In the Fundamentals of Art exploratory, students look at various artists and their contribution to the art world. Students will study some of the basic principal elements in the artist designs. Those elements include color, perspective, fundamental drawing concepts and compositional elements portraiture. By using a variety of materials, students will apply the information to a series of art studio assignments.




Digital Photography (0730)

Students in this course will be introduced to the the art elements and principles of design through photography. Students will learn elements of composition, lighting, and correct technique while taking photos.  Students will learn proper usage and care of digital cameras. They will explore digital photo editing while learning about file management. As a whole, the Digital Photography course encourages students to critically explore the role and function of imagery in digital media.