Tips for Middle School Students and Parents

Parent Conference Tips


> Clean backpack (weekly check at home)

> Filing system at home

> Review teacher specific procedures

> Check planner

Communication Parents/Teachers

> Students should ask questions in class

> Check planner

> Canvas/ Parent Portal

> Progress Reports

> Student needs to communicate with teacher, verbally and via email, especially when absent.

> Assignments on Canvas-please encourage your child to get in the habit of checking Canvas daily.

Parent Support Plan for Successful Students

> I monitor my child’s homework without TV and Cell phone distractions

> I am checking my child’s planner on a regular basis

> I am knowledgeable about how to access school websites

> My student will email teachers directly if they don’t understand a concept

> I will be mindful of where my student studies and where we keep our technology.

Ways my child can be more involved at school

> City of Irvine- Youth Action Team

> Lunchtime clubs

> Harvest Cup Soccer, Irvine Games, etc