Beacon Park Harvest Cup Team!

Be sure to come and support our Bengals!
Harvest Cup

The Irvine Harvest Cup is an annual inter-school soccer tournament played each year in October at the O.C. Great Park. Harvest Cup gives kids the opportunity to represent their school, play the sport competitively and compete against other Irvine schools as part of the Tournament of Champions.

Come Cheer on our Bengals on October 19 and 21, 2018 at the OC Great Park.  Questions:

Here is our Final Roster:

2018 Beacon Park Middle School Final Roster (player,position(shirt size):
1. Keo Dick, GK 
2. Ethan Cherry, RB 
3. Bruno De Oliveira, LB 
4. Marco Manzi, LCB 
5. Nick Hwang, RCB 
6. Kailee Leboeuf, RF 
7. Mansour Sultani, RM 
8. Sarah Collins, LF 
9. Jesus Lopez, CF 
10. Arnold Navarro, CM 
11. Nathan Olsen, LM 
12. Issac Ornelas, RF 
13. Kayla Schneider, RB 
14. Hailey Grillas, LM 
15. Eric Fukushima, LF
16. Ping (Anthony) Hsieh, LB